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PowerBridge: Push Up & Balance Training Board

PowerBridge: Push Up & Balance Training Board

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Get fit anywhere with our PowerBridge, it's lightweight and has a detachable design, you can take your full gym anywhere at anytime. Tired of sitting at home or the office the whole day? Do a balanced workout by simply standing on PowerBridge or perform some pushups. You will feel the difference in just a few days. 

Do you want a full body workout from one piece of equipment? Try our PowerBridge and order yours today!


Multiple Push-Up Variations;

  • Three modes for push-up exercise: stable mode, free mode, unstable mode
  • Our PowerBridge can target specific muscle groups by 7 push-up variations, including wide-to-narrow position and balanced-to-unbalanced variations.

Planking and Balance Training;

  • Easier to exercise. Transform your body in minutes and build your core strength by planking. Balanced training offers full-body low impact training. It strengthens all muscle groups at the same time as the abs and back.

 Unlimited Possibilities;

  • Don’t let equipment limit your imagination. With our PowerBridge, you can feel free to explore and find the best workout method for your workout routine.

No More Boring Exercise;

  • PowerBridge is more than just a fitness device. In combination with the synchronized app and phone holder, it combines the workout with games to make the workout more enjoyable.
  • PowerBridge features 8 proprietary games for you to enjoy dynamic planking.
  • Your body becomes the game controller to play games during workouts.

 High Quality and Details;

  • Load-bearing 400kg, making exercise safer
  • Non-slip silicone pad and anti-pinching design, making your workout more comfortable 
  • Difficulty of webbing adjustment and telescopic phone holder
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