Working out at the gym


Welcome to Brew Fitness Co.

Growing up I was not into physical fitness and found going to gym class in school to be a chore. I was obese for most of my childhood and was bullied in school for it. It was not until high school when I finally had enough of the bullying, I wanted to turn this into a positive, so I redirected my focus and picked up a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding book (Schwarzenegger, A., Dobbins, B., & Schwarzenegger, A. (1987). Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding. New York: Simon & Schuster.). I read it cover to cover and as I was reading, I was performing the exercises illustrated the best I could with no weights, unless you call soup cans weights.
At age 16 I bought my first home gym set out of a magazine (yes, I am that old). I could not wait to receive my gym set as I wanted to try every exercise in the book. Once I received the set, I was so excited and passionate about getting into better shape that I lost 100 pounds in six months. From that moment I knew I wanted to pursue physical fitness for the rest of my life. I wanted to help people accomplish the same results and to feel how good I felt. Seeing my transformation, my friends started asking me to write them training programs and to show them how to correctly train in the gym.
I felt so passionate about fitness that I decided to go to school and learn all I could and make a career out of it. In 2001 I graduated with my degree in Kinesiology. I started a job with a major gym and was eager to help as many people as possible to lead a healthier lifestyle. In 2002 I entered my first bodybuilding competition and was so proud of how far I had come. To this day and 30 plus years later I continue to lead a physically fit lifestyle and help everyone that I can.
In 2021 Brew Fitness Co. was born. My passion is continuing to grow and want to help more people on a larger scale. My knowledge and experience in the fitness world is vast so I want to make fitness available to everyone even if people cannot go to a gym. Home gyms are becoming more popular than ever, and I found it is hard for people to know what equipment they need to start their own home gym.
I have made it easy for everyone to know what is required for making their home gym personalized and effective. I have created this store so people could “Brew Fitness Your Way”. I hope you enjoy my store of quality products to help guide your fitness journey whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Larry Brewer