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LED Gyroscopic Powerball

LED Gyroscopic Powerball

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Ignite your workout with our LED Gyroscopic Powerball! This innovative fitness gadget combines cutting-edge gyroscopic technology with vibrant LED lights for a mesmerizing exercise experience. Effortlessly engage your wrists, forearms, and grip as the gyroscopic force intensifies with each spin, sculpting strength and improving coordination. The dazzling LED display adds a visual spectacle as the gyro spins. Compact and portable, this Powerball is perfect for on-the-go workouts, rehabilitation, or simply relieving stress. Elevate your fitness routine with the captivating LED Gyroscopic Powerball – the dynamic fusion of fun and fitness!

Are you tired of having someone else open the pickle jar? Well fret no more with our LED Gyroscopic Powerball! Order yours today!


  • Exercise Anytime, Anywhere: LED Gyroscopic Powerball features a convenient automatic starting function, simply wind the rotor back 3 times and release for an instant, fuss-free start every time – no cord needed!
  • Speed Lights: LED Gyroscopic Powerball is equipped with up to 7 colors. As the gyro spins faster and faster the colors will get brighter and brighter. Induction-powdered LEDs which create a spectacularly-radiant lightshow as you spin at speeds of up to 12,000rpm
  • Powerful Strengthening: LED Gyroscopic Powerball is a highly-effective arm exerciser and grip strengthener that generates up to 32kg of isometric resistance for a full upper body workout that rapidly builds muscles in the arms, hands, fingers & wrists
  • Effective Rehabilitation: Using our LED Gyroscopic Powerball for just 3-5 minutes each day is successfully proven to rehabilitate and soothe all hand, wrist, elbow and arm conditions (e.g.. sprained wrist, humerus fracture, scaphoid fracture, finger & wrist pain, lateral epicondylitis, numbness in hands and RSI such as carpal tunnel syndrome & tendonitis).
  • For Sport & Music: Our LED Gyroscopic Powerball is an efficient hand exercise ball that will dramatically improve grip strength, hand & wrist flexibility and finger dexterity, making it a must-have fitness product for all sports players (particularly golf, tennis, climbing, cycling, basketball, cricket, martial arts) and musicians (piano, drums, guitar, etc.)

Material: PVC, aluminum alloy, silicone rubber
Size: 5.5cm x 7cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Kelly Green

I love these things. Fun and a great workout.

Susanna Zulauf

Thought mine was broken until I read the frutzing manual(!) and got it working. Very effective on my wrists after I’ve been typing all day. Works in both hands. Safety strap is included and very necessary as this thing goes fast. I got the LED colored lights version, useful to know how fast I’m rotating.

Cortney Lueilwitz

The item arrived in two weeks, in excellent condition. It conforms to the description. For use to see in the next few days, see weeks. I was very happy with the first one I bought.

Louie Prohaska

I really liked the product I recommend

Giles Altenwerth