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Loop Resistance Bands

Loop Resistance Bands

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Take your next home workouts to the next level with our Loop Resistance Bands! Included in the set are 7 resistance bands that allow you to work out your arms, legs, shoulders, chest, and just about any other muscle you can think of. With the Loop Resistance Bands, there are numerous kinds of workouts you can perform so you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few exercises. Do bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, or even squats! 

Workout at your home gym with the Loop Resistance Bands and order yours today!


  • Our resistance bands for exercise are available in 8 resistance levels, set of 7 and 1 gray band (not included in set) – increase/decrease to suit!
  • Whether for CrossFit training or post-injury rehab, our low impact exercise bands will keep pace!
  • Our versatile workout bands are the perfect all-round prop for pull-ups, curls, presses and squats.
  • Made from premium latex rubber, this durable resistance band won’t break or warp under stress.
  • Upgrade your workout with our fitness bands or 'max out' & save, with our resistance bands set of 7!

Achieve your fitness goals and start seeing lasting results!

Loop resistance bands are the perfect tool for your pull up progression and fitness routine. With pull up assist resistance bands you will develop, train and KEEP the muscles needed to complete an unassisted pull up. By utilizing the resistance band’s force, you will hit more muscle groups in your positive and negative muscle movement as you complete the workout.


The loop resistance bands are made with durable, tough layers of rubber that won’t break or deform under stress. A versatile workout tool, they assist when learning and creating muscle memory while doing pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They also allow you to perform a variety of exercises that will strengthen your core and tone your lower body.


As you make gains in your workout routine, you will want to add, subtract and switch resistance band levels. The thicker, more resistant band will aid you in mastering the pull up, but when utilizing the bands for other exercises, such as curls and shoulder presses, a lower resistance may be ideal as you build up your strength.

Yellow: 5-15lbs. of resistance

Red: 10-35lbs of resistance

Black: 20-60lbs of resistance  

Purple: 35-85lbs of resistance 

Green: 50-125lbs of resistance 

Blue: 60-175lbs of resistance

Orange: 80-230lbs. of resistance

Gray: 120-300lbs. of resistance

Really want to push yourself? Combine a less resistant band with a heavier band and finish off your set! SAVE WHEN YOU BUY the set of 7 Loop Resistance Bands!


Material: Natural latex
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Excellent gum for your money. I came very quickly.

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Loop Resistance Bands

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Loop Resistance Bands

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Loop Resistance Bands

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Loop Resistance Bands