What Is Boot Camp Training (And Why You Should Do It)

What Is Boot Camp Training (And Why You Should Do It)

Boot camp training might not seem like a great idea, but it is. This simple way of organizing workouts is fantastic for bringing people together, pushing them to their limits, and making them love the process.

So, if you’re interested in giving boot camp training a try, read on to learn what it is and what benefits you can reap. 

What Is Boot Camp Training?

Boot camp fitness training takes ideas from basic military preparation and adds a spin, resulting in fun, challenging, and effective workouts. The type of training features group classes, outdoor activities, and challenges. Each class consists of roughly twenty people and an instructor who designs the day’s activities.  

The workouts typically last for an hour and feature a mixture of aerobic activities and bodyweight training. As a result, boot camp training is a great way to boost your functional fitness and maintain good health.  

Classes typically consist of men and women, but there are some gender-specific options if that’s what you prefer. Most workouts occur in the early morning or evening (around 7 AM and PM), allowing people with a 9 to 5 job to make it for each class. 

Despite the many forms of boot camp fitness, you can always expect and prepare for three things:

  • To work hard
  • To get sweaty
  • To enjoy every minute of it

Three Solid Reasons For Doing Boot Camp Training

  1. Balanced Fitness Development

There are plenty of ways to go about fitness: jogging, lifting weights, and more. The problem with most approaches is they develop certain characteristics but neglect others. For example, lifting weights is fantastic, but it mainly builds your strength and muscles without improving endurance. 

The great thing about boot camp training is that you do various challenging activities that tax your body in unique ways. As a result, you develop multiple characteristics and become a well-rounded athlete. You can improve your endurance, strength, power, explosiveness, agility, coordination, balance, and more.

  1. Fun and Engaging Training Atmosphere

Going down the fitness journey alone is by no means bad. Sometimes, all we need is some alone time to clear our minds and work on our goals. But one great benefit of boot camp training is that you can always rely on a fun and engaging training atmosphere. 

You’re surrounded by lots of people who are eager to improve, so you find yourself feeling more motivated to push hard. Plus, you get to participate in all sorts of timed trials, challenges, and competitions that make you engage with your training and have a lot of fun doing so.

  1. Meeting Tons of Great People

The great thing about group classes is that you meet lots of fantastic individuals. Everyone is there to better themselves, share their knowledge, and help others. This creates a positive training environment that brings the best out of everyone and allows people to form meaningful relationships. 

Plus, being around such people is great for your motivation and hunger to improve yourself. Seeing the results you can achieve motivates you to work extra hard.

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