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Are Circuit Workouts Good For Muscle Growth

You’ve undoubtedly come across circuit workouts designed to help you build muscle in minimal time.

But like most, you probably wonder how that can be the case. After all, dedicated meatheads spend at least an hour training, so how can it be possible to build muscle in half or a third of the time?

Bodybuilding Rules To Follow For Optimal Results

Bodybuilding seems like a simple sport:

Lift weights, eat a lot of food and reap the fruits of your effort.

But like any sport, bodybuilding is nuanced, and you need to follow specific rules to ensure you’re progressing well and not wasting any time.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of five rules to follow for optimal results.

Cardio and Muscle Growth

Many gym-goers see cardio as an entirely unnecessary thing to do. After all, they want to build muscle, so what good would cardio do?

Plus, doesn’t cardio burn muscle and make us weak?

Indeed, cardio has been under some criticism, especially from strength-oriented athletes. But what if we were to tell you that cardio is an integral part of the equation, even if you primarily care about muscle growth. 

Read on to find out why.