A Better Approach for the Novice Athlete Than “I saw it on Instagram”. A man being coached on exercises and proper form.

A Better Approach for the Novice Athlete Than “I saw it on Instagram”

How do you go about learning new exercises? Do you work with an expert, or are you more likely to follow the traditional approach by learning from short videos on social media?

Watching videos on Instagram might seem like a perfectly acceptable way to elevate your knowledge and master new movement patterns, but it often leads to problems.

Let’s discuss why that is and what’s a better way to go about things.

“I Saw It On Instagram”

How often do you find yourself saying the above? Instagram and other social platforms have become incredibly popular in the last decade. These platforms make it easy to spread news, keep up with friends and relatives, and connect. Plus, watching some simple hacks for cleaning the oven or tying your shoes doesn’t hurt. 

The problems with Instagram begin when ‘gurus’ and influencers try to teach people advanced topics while dealing with the platform’s limitations. 

For example, a person with good intentions might decide to share a video on how to squat correctly. Even a short video can cover a lot of ground and give people some basic understanding of the movement. Unfortunately, teaching someone how to squat correctly takes a long time, and doing so in video or step-by-step format requires in-depth explanation.

Plus, we also have to consider that many of the ‘educators’ on social media have no clue what they are doing or speaking about. Most of them regurgitate information, often adding their personal touch to make it seem unique and better. The problem is that sharing false information, especially regarding proper training form, can harm people. 

A beginner who doesn’t know any better might decide to mimic what they see on Instagram and get themselves injured. Why? Because the person teaching them is in shape and communicates the information with confidence. 

Don’t be too quick to trust people because they seem to understand topics. Do your independent research and be critical because that is the only way to keep content creators in check and force them to produce the most helpful content possible.

A Better Approach

Not everyone will like our recommendation, but we must give it:

Work with a trainer for a while. 

Spending some money on a personal trainer might seem like a waste, but it’s actually helpful. For one, you get to learn from someone who truly understands the nuances behind each movement. 

You won’t just get some arbitrary instructions on performing various exercises. Instead, you will learn the rules behind each exercise and how you must perform activities based on your anatomy, limitations, and goals. 

A trainer will also supervise your execution and progress, pointing out potential errors in your technique and helping you resolve them. You might feel like you’re training with perfect technique, but the second set of eyes can reveal issues holding you back and setting you up for failure. 

The good news is that you don’t have to get coached for years to develop movement proficiency. As little as a few sessions can go a long way in teaching you the fundamentals of proper movement, making you an independent athlete.

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