Why Weight Training Is Incredible For Everyone Who Can Do It

Why Weight Training Is Incredible For Everyone Who Can Do It

Weight training doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it should. 

These days, the focus is more on aerobic exercise, high-intensity interval training, circuit workouts, and other methods. 

We don’t suggest that weight training is the only way to get fit. But lifting weights is far more beneficial than people imagine. Today, we’ll go over three solid reasons why that is.

Reasons #1: Weight Training Makes You Functional, Athletic, and Independent

Thanks to social media, people have grown disinterested in weight training because of all the talk about aesthetics, attaining abs, and similar goals. But weight training is far from a shallow and vain type of working out.

Lifting weights is terrific because it builds strength, stability, and overall athleticism. As a result, you become more functional, your sports performance improves, and you’re more independent. For example, everyday tasks like carrying groceries become easier, allowing you to do them independently without relying on other people. 

Weight training is even more critical as we get older because this type of exercise reduces the risk of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). We get to retain more muscle, stay functional, maintain good metabolic health, and remain independent well into our fifties, sixties, and beyond.

Reason #2: Weight Training Is Deeply Fulfilling

Many people see fitness as a necessary evil they need to endure to look good and stay healthy. That’s the wrong mindset to carry toward physical activity. Fitness should be fun, motivating, and fulfilling. That’s the only way for you to enjoy the process and keep coming back for more.

Weight training is profoundly fulfilling for many reasons. 

First, lifting weights provides a real sense of progression, where you are, and how far you’ve come. If you can lift a weight you weren’t able to a week ago, you’ve gotten stronger, which is motivating. 

Second, weight training is grueling and tough on us, which is why we feel intense satisfaction from reaching our limits and pushing forward despite the pain. 

Third, weight training makes us stronger and more functional, which brings pride and makes us appreciate the process more. Being able to carry groceries, move furniture, do manual labor, and do other similar things with greater ease is incredibly fulfilling.

Reason #3: Weight Training Makes You More Resilient And Shows You What You’re Made Of

Pushing ourselves despite the pain, doubts, and exhaustion is what builds character. More importantly, putting ourselves in such situations is what shows us what we are made of. 

For example, if you’re doing sets of 12 reps of squats and your legs feel exhausted by the midpoint, you get to see who you are. Will you push through the pain and complete the objective? Doing so is incredibly fulfilling and beneficial for your discipline. Alternatively, you might choose to take a break. That’s fine because it shows you where you are now and where you need to be.

Next week, you might stop at eight reps despite the pain. The week after, you might do ten. Another week later, you might do your 12 reps despite the pain and discomfort.

There is inherent value in personal growth, and weight training is a fantastic way to train your body and mind.

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